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Become a Volunteer

Your support is extremely valuable and will impact the lives of those affected by schizophrenia. 

Event Volunteers

Event volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated. Without support for our events, SSA would not be able to raise the funds needed to continue our programs and services. Right now SSA is recruiting Annual Campaign Volunteers.



 If you’re passionate about helping those living with schizophrenia or want to break down the stigma by being a voice for those living with schizophrenia, then this is the perfect volunteer position for you!

Simply register as an SSA Ambassador below and choose the position that fits you. We will then be in email contact with you to share ideas and help you with anything you might need in your volunteer role.


  • You will make a difference in other’s lives by sharing information about SSA’s programs and how they help in one's recovery. 
  • You will make a positive impact in your community and help others become more understanding and compassionate towards those who are living with mental illness. 
  • You will be creating an opportunity for everyone to have an open and positive discussion about mental illness.
  • You may bring awareness to someone who is experiencing symptoms but may be too confused or scared to seek help.
  • You will be engaging people to become educated about the illness and empower them to recognize symptoms in others and help them get support early.
  • You will acquire experience for your resume or future school application.
  • ·You would have a chance to win the volunteer of the year award and receive a free trip to Calgary for the Yes 2 Me Awards Gala


  • Be any age
  • Complete the online volunteer registration
  • Be available to commit to a minimum of 1 hour per week for 2 months – beginning September 15, 2017
  •  Attend an online and or teleconference group meeting 2 times during the campaign 
  • Be passionate enough to be an advocate for those living with schizophrenia and related illness 

SSA Ambassador Volunteer Positions: 

 SSA Ambassador – Public

As a Public SSA Ambassador, you will be willing to gather your friends, co- workers and others in your social group who would be interested in learning more about schizophrenia and the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta. If you are personally affected by schizophrenia, you will be willing to share your story at the gathering and ask people to consider supporting the campaign.

There are a variety of ways to go about it, in a way that is most comfortable to you. Some suggestions are:

  • Gather groups of friends, family or coworkers in your home, local SSA branch or at work to share the story of how schizophrenia has affected your life or why you have become an SSA Ambassador. If you would like someone with lived experience of schizophrenia to speak about their story to your group, we would be happy to provide one of our trained Community Education Presenters, who is paid by SSA for their time.  After the presentation discuss the issues that affect those living with schizophrenia and their families and how SSA’s programs help with one's recovery journey. Invite your group to make a donation to the campaign, either there or on their own time. Thank everyone for coming and remember - if no one makes a donation you have still created awareness and made an important impact on everyone who attended.
  • You could also choose to create an online profile and share why you are supporting SSA’s Annual Campaign. Send it out to everyone you know asking them to contribute to the campaign.


SSA Ambassador- School

1 in 100 people will receive a diagnosis of schizophrenia, typically between the ages of 17-35.  Schizophrenia symptoms will often begin to appear during very stressful times such as high school and university years.

You can make a great impact on your classmates, teachers and social groups by helping them understand schizophrenia, its symptoms and the recovery process. Regardless of what you hear from the media, schizophrenia is a treatable disorder and recovery is possible! You can help share the message in a variety of ways, here are some ideas:

  • Put up our campaign posters and host a Community Education Presentation at your school to help others learn more about schizophrenia. After the presentation invite people to get involved by hosting a fundraising event, sharing information on social media or setting up an online page and collecting donations for the campaign.
  • We encourage your unique ideas to help us with the campaign. Once you sign up as a volunteer, we can chat about your ideas and find what works best for you.

SSA Ambassador – Public Awareness

Schizophrenia can affect anyone, regardless of gender, race or economic status, so it’s important to get the message out to everyone. As a Public Awareness SSA Ambassador, you will be able to reach many people in a short amount of time.

  • As a Public Awareness Ambassador, you will distribute campaign packages to companies in your community. The package will include a poster, donation forms, and information about the campaign. Ask them to share this information with their customers and take part in strengthening their community by helping to break down stigma and the misconceptions around mental illness.


SSA Ambassador - Social Media

Are you a social media guru, or just love sharing information? If so we could certainly use your help sharing information about SSA’s Annual Campaign. You can actually volunteer in the comfort of your own home. Once you sign up as a volunteer, we will send you social media postings and information to share. If you happen to be a marketing or communications student, we would love to hear your ideas and help you by providing experience in marketing for a nonprofit organization. 


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