Skip The Depot

The Schizophrenia Society of Alberta has embarked on a new fundraising venture that is easy, convenient and requires very little effort and is no cost to you or your company. 

Have you ever heard of SKIP THE DEPOT?

SSA is excited about this fundraising initiative where SKIP THE DEPOT will come to your home or office and pick-up your donation of bottles/cans/tetra pak items and take them to the bottle depot. The proceeds of your recyclables will go directly to the SSA as a donation.


  • Follow this link to the SSA account on the Skip the Depot website to register yourself and/or your company

  • Complete the online document – you will be asked the approximate number of bags you will have at each pick-up and the frequency of pick-ups (e.g. weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly). 

  • ·The day of the week for pick up will be sent to you via email and text by Skip the Depot as it is determined by their schedule and your location in the city. You will also be sent a CODE which you will have to place on each bag for pick up. 

  • On the day before your scheduled pick up, you will receive an email and text from Skip the Depot reminding you of your scheduled pick up the next day, including a time frame for pick-up. 

  • On the day of your scheduled pick up, place your bags at the designated location you identified in the application form and ensure you have written the code on each bag. This code ensures that your donation goes to SSA. 

  • You do not have to be present for the pick-up. Skip the Depot will send you a confirmation email after they have completed the pick-up.  


  • Giving to a great cause on an ongoing basis with very little effort required

  • Convenience with no cost

  • Feeling extra good about recycling

  • Donor recognition in SSA’s Annual Report