Spring Newsletter


Butterfly Moon Project

SSA hosted the Butterfly Moon Project facilitated by SSA's Cultural Advisers, Colleen Cardinal, and Toni Cardinal. The Butterfly Moon Project is a sharing of the history of the Cree culture, balance in life and maintenance of well-being through their cultural history and family dynamics. SSA is focused on learning more about the indigenous culture in order to engage all communities for support.

 You can host your own session by contacting Colleen atcvcardinal67@hotmail.com


Say Yes 2 Me Scholarship

In 2016 SSA partnered with the Alliance of Otsuka and Lundbeck to award four clients from all areas of Alberta scholarships of $2000 to help them continue their studies. 

Congratulations to our exceptional winners; Alexandre Joliceaur, Imogen Pohl, Cameron Crawshaw and

Joe Veres.

SSA expects to have another scholarship opportunity this summer so stay posted!



The new IMAGINE program is now available and has been developed to provide more practical tools to help families and caregivers help their loved ones in the journey of recovery.

The IMAGINE program consists of 3 modules and just recently has been offered on SSA’s Online Educational Forum. Due to its great success, SSA will be hosting the program online again in the fall and in branches upon request.

You can find the resource material on our website under resources.

Some comments about the recent online session include:

“I found it very informative, and enjoyed the ability to ask questions online.”

“It was good to go over some basic advice that is always a good reminder. What is very enlightening was to read what some families have experienced, what they are feeling and the hoops some most go through to get the help they need. I think the SSA is doing an incredible job to help guide us along. We each have our different issues but I definitely felt a kinship to what everyone was willing to share. I appreciate so much the people who volunteer their precious time to help make things better.”

“Playing a support role for my nephew and sister-in-law, the sessions were extremely helpful.”

“A lot was a review for me but I did learn new things as well.  I will continue to learn as I feel that's the best way to help my son.”

“I am an Aunt to a young man that has Schizophrenia. I appreciate the info on how to talk to him.”

SSA Family and Caregivers Support

It’s not just about learning how to better support your loved one, it’s also about finding better ways to better take care of yourself. SSA connects you with others who understand the unique journey your on, while our peer-led programs provide you with the knowledge and confidence to empower yourself and your loved one. Reach out by phoning, dropping in or emailing the branch near you. SSA is here to support you. 

The IMAGINE resource is now available on our website under resources at www.schizophrenia.ab.ca

If you would like to request a session of IMAGINE please contact your local branch.


New APP for Schizophrenia

Developed in partnership with the Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America (SARDAA), this app makes it easier to record details and specifics about symptoms, medication, moods, and more.

Choose what you want to track, and see all the information you need to help you or your loved one who is living with schizophrenia and related disorders.  

You can download your free app at http://www.healthstorylines.info/schizophrenia or contact them atsupport@healthstorylines.com or call 1-844-475-4637.