SSA Online Programming is easy. Clients and Family and Caregivers just register for the program of their choice and get instructions on how to log on for the day and time of the program. People can log on from anywhere with an internet connection - and they'll be able to interact with the program's leaders and fellow clients through talking, texting, instant messaging and webcam.

Clients on SSA Online Programming will be able to hear and even see everything that's going on at the meeting.

Now you can participate in an SSA program no matter where you live in Alberta - at no cost!

How it works

  • Ensure you have access to a computer, tablet or Smartphone
  • Register to join the program of your choice 
  • Follow the instructions that are sent to you to log in on the date and time of the program
  • Log in to the meeting room using the URL link provided upon registration

    Please note:
  • Sound quality is best if you use headphones
  • Using a video or mic is optional (you don’t need to be on video or mic to take part in the session)
  • To take part in the session you can use a computer mic, your phone or text and type

How to Guides

PC Users
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Mac Users
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For more information, please contact Kyle James-Hussey, SSA Online Program Coordinator. Phone 403-327-4305 from 8:30am to 4:00pm weekdays or email